The Grind Coffeehouse is Omaha’s foremost coffee shop and meet up space – created for the community by a pair of local visionaries. Featuring a trendy yet welcoming atmosphere, The Grind Coffeehouse offers a perfect mix of Asian fusion and midwestern hospitality. Our menu includes traditional favorites such as coffee, tea and lattes, along with treasured recipes for blended beverages. Warm lighting and warm coffee, shipped directly from our roasters, Oddly Correct in Kansas City, provide the ideal ambiance for quick study breaks, important business meetings or long talks with friends.

Rise and shine, hustle and grind

Whether you’re opening a book or closing deals, chasing the sun or burning the midnight oil, The Grind Coffeehouse keeps you going. 

Your grind is where you find inspiration, energy and focus.


So tell us,
what’s your grind?

The grind is what drives you.

Where you’re going is up to you.

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1013 S 192nd Street Omaha, NE 68022