It's All about the ROast

The Grind Coffeehouse proudly serves roasts from Kansas City, Missouri. Oddly Correct prides themselves in offering up new, delicious and exciting brews that will appeal to everyone, from the novice latte drinker to coffee connoisseurs. 

Their company is committed to ethical and equitable business practices and environmentally sustainable roasting operations. In short, they’re a perfect partner for The Grind Coffeehouse.

Our drinks are designed for both traditionalists and adventurers, including delicious coffee and lattes along with modern twists on our favorite family recipes for tea and blended beverages. Your grind keeps you busy enough – we’ll help keep you going.

Finding our grind

It all began [you guessed it] in a coffee shop.

For the first months of their relationship, The Grind Coffeehouse founders, Kirby Keomysay and Tyler Sutter, spent countless hours in local coffee shops – Tyler studying to be a Pediatric Physician Assistant while Kirby focused on growing Kontempo., his successful hair salon in Omaha, NE.  Over the years, their appreciation for eclectic surroundings and specialty brews continued to evolve, and the dream of opening their very own coffeehouse began to take shape.  Their mission was not to replicate what already existed, but to take the very best of their experiences and provide Omaha with the highest quality coffee and an incredible vibe – all while infusing Kirby’s deep rooted Asian heritage into the menu and decor.

While visiting family in Kansas City, local recommendations lead Kirby and Tyler to Oddly Correct coffee roasters.  After learning more about their practices and products, the couple knew this was the partner they’d been looking for.  Oddly Correct not only supplies beans for The Grind Coffeehouse, but Kirby and Tyler also benefit from their industry knowledge bringing the latest brewing technology to ensure your coffee, latte or cappuccino tastes great – every time.


With the perfect roaster selected, Kirby and Tyler began to design the space.  They knew that the best coffee needed an equally superior ambiance.  From the intimate booth seating lit by sconces to the community coffee bar, each detail was thoroughly imagined to provide a fresh and inspiring vibe – a place where dreams begin.

The Grind Coffeehouse is also conveniently attached to Ko & co. studios for new client consultations, or a post-appointment pick me up. Ko & co. (short for Kontempo. & Company) is Kirby’s newest business venture, building upon the extraordinary reputation and accomplishments of Kontempo., while providing new and upcoming artists the opportunity to create their own business in an upscale space.

So, What's Our Grind?

Innovative Guest Experience
Our goal is to provide you with a unique cafe experience, and we’ve kept emerging technology at the top of our minds. Our self-ordering kiosks ensure your order is exactly the way you want it, and we have outlets at every seat so you can plug in and work on your latest project. We value efficiency without compromising exceptional taste.

High Quality and Consistency
Using incredible coffee beans, tea and the latest brewing technology, your drink will taste exceptional every time you stop in. The quality of your experience is important to us, and we strive to make it top notch.

Elevated vibe
Our curated space has been designed with you in mind. Beautiful fixtures, cozy seating and chill tunes are tastefully combined to provide the perfect place to meet, work or relax. You can find subtle nods to the Asian culture at The Grind from the Chiang Mai Dragon wallcovering to the food and drink items purposefully chosen to honor Kirby’s heritage.

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